Economic Development Events

We work with stakeholders to help showcase your ecosystem by highlighting cultural, intellectual, and natural resources within your community.

Technology Events

We develop high-profile technology events that showcase thought leaders to the larger ecosystem and highlight key stakeholders.

Event Consulting and Public Speaking

We provide expertise on featuring your event and community in a profiled and engaging way. We welcome opportunities to present on technology-related subjects.

Adeo InterActive is a cross-sector events production company

Using innovative and integrated strategies, we connect innovators, entrepreneurs, and organizations to grow their networks and strengthen their communities.

Adeo InterActive Events Management facilitates and manages all the necessary arrangements associated with events — from engaging key stakeholders, developing conference vision, building content programming (ie. keynotes, panels, startup pitch events, partnering groups, etc.), featuring local experiential groups and organizations, managing logistics and vendor negotiations, and much more.

Our Audience

Adeo InterActive works closely with our clients to help showcase a city or state’s ecosystem to the world through large-scale economic development events. Our goal is to help clients create global awareness of innovative technology that is happening in their community by engaging in next-level conversations between local and national diverse thought leaders, corporate enterprise leaders, startups, investors, educators, students, researchers, and government. These events create a truly positive impact on the following stakeholders within a community and beyond:

Corporate Enterprises

New technologies impact business, customers, and society as a whole — the most successful enterprises are those that embrace the future and choose to evolve. Continuously looking for ways to innovate business and to engage customers is extremely important. Our services give industry leaders cross-sector insights into the latest innovative technology, create sales opportunities, and expand their networks.


Early-stage companies possess a very real drive to successfully take their innovative products to market and change the future of technology. Even the best startup products need the right exposure to get market traction. Our services allow a platform for startups to showcase their products to accelerators, incubators, labs, coworking spaces, investors, media, mentors, customers, and thought leaders.


Investors can change the trajectory of a startup which in turn can positively impact an entire industry. Sourcing great investment opportunities takes time and resources. Our services provide a centralized event where investors have access to a large pool of local, national, and international startups that are potential investment opportunities.

Educators and Students

Colleges and universities are great sources of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative talent. With the support of administrators and educators, student entrepreneurs can participate and engage as part of the larger event experience. Working with educators, administrators, and students, our services showcase the future of innovation to the next generation of business leaders.


Researchers have the unique ability to take an innovative idea, and with their technical expertise turn it into reality. The challenge lies in adapting early product formulation into a practical and marketable application. Our services create opportunities to validate ideas, encourage collaboration, secure investor funding, as well as meet with thought leaders, mentors, and customers.

Government Agencies

The best way to serve the public today is by keeping up with the current technology landscape and conditions and staying ahead of the design curve. Our services give government and policymakers the opportunity to see the tech of tomorrow as well as to access innovators and companies at a local, national, and international level.

Adeo InterActive Can Provide Value to Your Event by

  • Raising Your Profile With a Larger Global Audience
  • Bringing Communities Together
  • Developing Strategic Long-Term Vision
  • Expanding Professional Networks
  • Showcasing Thought Leaders
  • Increasing Knowledge Base

Meet Some of Our Clients


What Our Customers Say

“How does one describe the consummate Event Producer? Juggling hundreds of other people and things and yet completely available to address my needs, to remind me of decisions to be taken, while constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and the experience. And it goes like clockwork! That’s my experience with Adeo InterActive after working with them for several years and multiple events.”

“My work with the Adeo InterActive team has been deeply rewarding. They are not only a pleasure to work with, but we’re constantly pleased with the number of creative, yet practical, ideas they have to continually develop their business.”

“A great company is marked not only with an innovative product, but also their ability to navigate the dynamics of a growing and changing business market. Adeo InterActive has both of these characteristics.”

“As an Event Producer, Adeo InterActive leaves no detail untended, and that’s a key ingredient for a program of such complexity and such a high profile internationally.”

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